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about us

We are a family forever changed by a 'fighting childhood cancer' journey. Our Evie Grace, diagnosed in August 2013, just after her 2nd birthday, battled through chemo, surgery, immunotherapy, radiation, relapse and various other measures of survival for almost 3 years. We are grateful that today, she stands disease free, choosing life in everything she does. In fact, her name 'Evie' means 'life', 'lively', 'living'. Through our story we have connected with many other families, unwillingly penning a similar story to their pages, all in need of support, love and understanding.

So we started High Tea for a High Cause, to bring together our local community of Western Sydney, gathering support and building awareness for the many families facing the reality of childhood cancer everyday. But most importantly, the aim of this yearly prestigious event is to raise funds for the Kids' Cancer Project. We are proud to put on this event every year and look forward to pushing it to be bigger and better each time. If you would like to be involved in any way, either as a sponsor or event volunteer, please get in touch here. We look forward to hearing from you.



High Tea & Auction


September 24 2016 -- 1pm
Werrington House

This year our High Tea is set amongst the beautiful gardens at Werrington House. While there will be areas to sit and enjoy the treats, tea and coffee, this event will have more of a cocktail style, for your mingling and browsing pleasure.

Read More about the venue.


The High Tea

Our aim is to create a classy and enjoyable environment for all our supporters and participants in our fundraising endeavours. We don't shy away from quality when it comes to our High Teas; A perfectly presented array of delicate finger foods that will surely tantalise those with a weakness for scones, and sweet treats, though not to deter those who prefer savoury, our delicate balance of savoury and sweet ensures everyone can enjoy the home baked delights. Not to mention our selection of tea and coffee, and glass of bubbly on arrival.


Market Stalls

General Market Stalls (all proceeds to the cause)

Along side a beautiful High Tea we encourage local businesses and creatives alike to donate to our market stalls, where all proceeds are then forwarded onto TKCP. Our High Tea guests are able to peruse the stalls, get to know local businesses and purchase anything they fancy, knowing the price tag serves a very high cause. These world-class donations include hand-made jewellery, homewares, fresh florals, bouquets made to order, hand-lettered prints, greeting cards, succulent pots, hand-made knits and more.

Business Stalls (Minimum 30% to the cause)

This year we have also opened up the market stall space to businesses who will run their own sales on the day and then give 30% of proceeds to TKCP. We look forward to growing this part of the market stalls for future High Tea events.


Raffle & Door Prize

Our guests also have the opportunity to purchase raffles tickets on the day, and included in the purchase of every High Tea ticket is a chance to win the lucky door prize, drawn at the event. Again all proceeds are forwarded onto TKCP. Donations for the raffle and door prize often include some chosen products from our Market Stalls along side smaller contributions like hand-made candles, vouchers, wine, home-made baked goods and more.



The auction is the pinnacle of our High Tea events, and gives our guests a huge opportunity to make significant donations in exchange for high end items such as artworks, photography packages, branding packages, signed football jerseys and more.


House Keeping

Money and Credit Card handling on the day: You will receive a tally card on entry to our High Tea, where you can keep track of all your donations and purchases from the market stalls and auction. At point of sale you or one of our team members will write out the item and its price on your tally card. At the end of the event you can go to one of our dedicated 'Pay Here' stations to reconcile your purchases. These 'Pay Here' stations will give you the option of paying by cash or Credit Card. The Credit Card option is completed on an iPad where you simply fill out your details via a secure online third party called Stripe (we do not collect or hold onto your personal information and we respect your privacy). You can also make additional donations at these 'Pay Here' stations.

Please note the business Market Stalls will run their own sales on the day and therefore you do not need to include your purchases with them on your tally card.


Online Donations

If you can't make the event but would still like to contribute, please see our donation page here. All donations are processed via a secure online third party called Stripe (we do not collect or hold onto your personal information and we respect your privacy).

High Tea for a High Cause is one of the most beautiful events I have had the privilege of experiencing. The family behind this are inspirational and so genuinely passionate about the cause.
— Anonymous


Ticket prices



Per Adult (18 years+)

Includes a glass of bubbly on arrival, High Tea treats and automatic entry into the lucky door prize.


Per Child (5-17 years)

Includes a glass of non-alcoholic bubbly and High Tea treats. Please bring any extra food or drink for your child if needed.



Group bookings of 6+ save $10

For group bookings of 6 or more we are offering a $10 flat discount on your booking. At checkout, use the code GROUP6+ for this discount.





You can become a sponsor by:
donating a service or product -- We are always looking for high quality donations to sell or auction off at our High Tea for a High Cause. / Donating funds -- we also need various costs covered to run the event.





If you would like to get in touch, become a sponsor, or be involved in our High Tea for a High Cause by volunteering your time please reach out by filling out the form below.

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